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Inclusive Rwanda is a non-governmental organization founded in December 2019. It operates to promote inclusive development in the community by identifying and intervening early for children with disabilities, empowering youth with disabilities, and advocating for people with disabilities to have equal rights, opportunities, and access to community resources and services.

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Inclusive Rwanda seeks to help/assist and provide for the total wellbeing of Children and Youth with disabilities in the various communities in Rwanda


To empower people with disabilities to become the agent of change.


Promote early identification and intervention for children with disabilities.Empower and support youth with disabilities

other objectives

Support the improvement of living conditions of the families of children with disabilities.Awareness raising about the rights of people with disabilities


1. Inclusive Education for Children with disabilities

Inclusive Rwanda promotes the inclusion of children with disabilities by mainstreaming them in public schools. We provide them with school materials and train teachers in sign language. We aim at establishing a model inclusive school in a remote community so that children who are underprivileged can have access to quality education.

2. Awareness raising on disability and child safeguarding.

We promote and protects the rights of children and youth with disabilities and actively support their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetime. The research shows that children with disability are more likely to experience all forms of physical or mental violence, injury, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment, or exploitation, including sexual abuse than those without disabilities.

3. Sign Language Training to families of Deaf Children.

IWe train Deaf children and their parents in sign language to enable parents establish a deeper emotional connection with their Deaf children. It is also a way of fostering a strong parent – child bond and enables them to better understand their child’s needs, thoughts, and feelings. We also train teachers to ensure that learners who are Deaf have equal access to education

4. Economic empowerment for families of children with disabilities

When compared to other families, families of children with disability are more likely to be exposed to persistent or recurrent poverty. Therefore, we provide livestock to assist them get started on the path to poverty reduction and improved livelihood.

5.Raising community awareness about the rights of people with disabilities.

To challenge the community’s negative attitudes and mindset about people with disabilities we conduct awareness about the rights of people with disabilities. This reduces the stigma and discrimination often faced by people with disabilities. We aim at creating a more inclusive and accepting community

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